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Best Time to Go to Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the attractive destination places. Its landscape areas & beaches are very popular. It is a beautiful island that attracts tourists to spend their vacation in this state of the US. Now, you may think about what is the best time to go to Hawaii. The beauty of this island is that it remains a good place for traveling throughout the entire year. Every month has its specifications in this state. We will give you details of every month. Therefore, you will arrange your trip as per your desire of watching different events.

What Time is it in Hawaii?

The best time to visit Hawaii 2022 is in different months or an entire year depending on your choice. But, firstly, you have to know the state’s time. The time of Hawaii is different from other states of the US. Its time is 2 to 6 hours behind other locations.

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You can find its time through the “Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone”. Its time is 3-hour behind to West Coast. However, the time is 5 or 6-hour behind to Midwest & Eastern Seaboard respectively. It is the best island to visit in Hawaii for first time during your vacations.

When is the Best Time to go to Hawaii?

Now, you will know which month is good for which thing for visiting. Some months are the best time to go to Hawaii Honolulu. And some months are great for other places in Hawaii.

Best Time for Amazing Weather

The best time to go to Hawaii in September is because of the good weather. Besides September, June & July are also good months to visit and enjoy your time. During these months, the rain’s chance is lower. Further, the temperature of seawater is also warm. Thus, your kids will enjoy it a lot. Before planning your trip, you can know about the island’s weather easily.

Excellent Time to Avoid the Crowds

The most crowds of tourists go to this island from December to April. During these months, you may not enjoy it too much if you do not like crowded places. But, you can avoid such crowds from the months of the end of April to the start of June. However, July & August are common for visiting any family.

Low-Cost Months to Visit Hawaii

When you visit in peak season, the cost of traveling becomes too expensive. You can avoid the such situation when you go in off-peak season. This season is from March to April. You can control your budget when going during such months.  

Great Time to Surf

Numerous islands of Hawaii are great to surf. They are excellent for both beginners & expert persons. The skill level matters a lot in choosing the month to go to this island. The winter season is perfect for all the pro surfers to do surfing on North Coast. On the other hand, the South coast remains calm for beginners. All advanced surfers participate in the competitions of surfing.

Best Time for Whale Watching in Hawaii

Whales are in large numbers when they reach Hawaii. The time of their reaching is in December’s end days. In addition, they also come at the start of April. Go to Hawaii in April & December to see such whales.

A Superb time to See Turtles

Green sea turtles increase the beauty of beaches. They are present in enough numbers that you will see them interestingly. Summer is the right choice to see turtles. During the summer months, they come to beaches. But, never go too close to them.

Best Time of Year to go to Hawaii

The best time to visit Hawaii 2023 is to attend their different events. All events are very interesting and tourists enjoy seeing them. Every season has its unique event. The events enhance the beauty of Hawaii.

Summer Events

The “Prince Lot Hula Festival” is most popular among other events. You will see it in the summer. No, any other event gives tough competition to it.

Fall Events

All foodie lovers love the “Food & Wine Festival”. This event majorly belongs to foodie persons. At this festival, there is a good way of eating delicious foods. Even, if you have an interest in cooking, you will also join classes to make yummy dishes. Such festivals are in September. The best time to go to Hawaii in October is the starting days of this month. The reason is that some food festivals also continue in October.

Winter Events

Many tourists go to Hawaii just because of surfing. And many are also experts in surfing. The winter season is a good choice to go to this island if you have an interest in surfing. There are different surfing competitions during the winter season.

Spring Events

The “Honolulu Festival” is great to see in March. In the spring season, you can also watch the live view of “The Lantern Floating Festival”. Anyone who will see this festival will never forget the experience of its beautiful view.

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