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Complete Guide to Change Your Name on Facebook

Facebook is a social media network that provides an online platform built for billions of users to connect with their friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances – with just a touch on your smartphone screens. Facebook is packed with attractive features and practically dissolves into the needs or preferences of the users. This popular social media network is particularly beneficial because of its ability to change each setting – privacy or general – according to its users’ requirements. For instance, if a Facebook user wishes to change his name on Facebook, he can very well do that simply by editing their Facebook account’s general settings. We have curated this blog to teach you just how to do that. You can find the solutions to How to change your name on Facebook (Page) and change the name of your account in this blog.

Step to Change Your Page Name on Facebook Using iPhone

You can change your Facebook page name by following the steps mentioned below. Please note that this segment applies if your wish to change your Page’s name – not your personal profile. It is pretty simple to make these types of changes. However, you must know that Facebook approves or disapproves the name change, so you need to send a name change request to Facebook if you wish to change your name. To know how to change your name on Facebook (iPhone) by referring to the steps mentioned below.

  • Locate the Facebook logo icon on your iPhone’s menu screen and tap it to launch the application
  • When the Facebook application opens, tap the three horizontal lines, which is the menu, placed in the top-right
  • Find and tap Pages to reveal all your pages – select the one Page that you wish to change the name for
  • Kindly go to the settings of that Page and tap on the Page info
  • Select a name from the information and enter the new name that you wish to enter in the given column
  • Once you are satisfied with the new name, please tap on Continue and then tap Request Change to send the name change request to Facebook
  • The last step to this process is to wait till Facebook approves your name change request – till then, wait patiently.

Please note that Facebook page name and Facebook page username are two different identities, and changing either one will not affect the other. Now you can change your Facebook page name easily.

Steps to Change Your Name on Facebook Using iPhone

Now that we have discussed how you can execute the name-changing process on a Facebook page. We shall now discuss how to change your name on your Facebook iPhone. Please note that this is a process to change the name of your Facebook profile or account. To do the same, kindly follow the steps below.

  • Locate the Facebook logo icon on your menu screen of your iPhone and tap to launch the Facebook mobile application
  • Tap on the three horizontal lines located at the top-right corner of the iPhone screen
  • Please scroll down to find the Settings and Privacy option and tap it to reveal a menu under it
  • Find Settings amongst the options and tap on it to further expand settings
  • Tap on ‘Personal information’ under the Account Settings option
  • Next, please tap on the name to edit it and type your new name in the designated columns
  • Once you finish typing your name in the column, tap on Review change
  • Finally, tap on Save changes

Please note that you cannot change your name twice within the span of sixty days. So, if you are having trouble changing your name, it can be because you have already changed your name within the last sixty days.

Rules for The Name Change Process

Please note the name standards according to Facebook for changing your name. There are particular Dos and Don’ts while changing your name on Facebook. To know how to change your name on Facebook using the correct rules. Kindly refer to the points mentioned below before you change your name.

  • You cannot include symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters, or punctuations in your Facebook name
  • Facebook does not allow using characters from multiple languages while setting a name
  • You are not allowed to add any kind of professional or religious titles while selecting a name for your Facebook account
  • Facebook does not authorize words or phrases in the place of your name – a name must only include your actual name
  • Lastly, adding offensive or suggestive words of any sort is not approved by Facebook

It would be best to keep the following in your mind while changing your name on Facebook.

  • The name you select to display on your Facebook profile should be what you are generally called in your day-to-day life
  • You can use your nickname in the column of first or middle name if they are a variation of your authentic or registered by the government name
  • Facebook allows you to list another name on your account, which can be your maiden name, nickname, professional name, etc.
  • Please note that the Facebook profiles are only for personal use; you can create a page for business purposes
  • Facebook strictly disallows impersonation of anyone or anything on its network, so you must have a real name to put on your Facebook profile


Now that you are entirely aware of the do’s and the don’ts while selecting a new name for your Facebook. Page or profile, you are fully equipped to change the name correctly and get it approved by Facebook itself. You must consider all the points when you start the name-changing process on your Facebook profile or Facebook page. If you need any more assistance, please refer to our other blogs to find solutions, hacks, or procedures. These blogs are curated for you to carry out any process with little to no effort. Read More articles related to entertainment.

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