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Pacman 30th Anniversary – Everything You Need To Know

There are numerous popular video games that users love to play. One of the amazing video games is Pacman 30th anniversary. It gains much popularity in the 1980s. Namco Limited is an impressive Japanese company that manufactured this game. In the US, when it became part of TV cartoons, magazines, & songs, the game became more viral. If you look at the gaming marketplace, the Pacman is the best one because of its large number of fans. With time, it is common in different gaming gadgets for playing.

History of Pacman 30th Anniversary

Firstly, look at its history. Toru Lwatani made this iconic game. He was a member of NAMCO. From its manufacturing date to now, it gained much success. The motive behind its manufacturing was to only make a calm game with no violent action. It is available on floppy discs & hard drives. Every year, it comes with several improvements.

The Pacman’s shape is just like the shape of pizzas with missing a slice. The reason for missing the slice is to indicate the open mouth. The word “Pacman” originates from Japanese. Its simpler meaning is opening & closing of mouth immediately. Numerous things make it popular. Its easier design is for easy playing. Further, it needs low hardware like numerous other google games.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Full Screen

Just like Play tic tac toe, Pacman released a new version on this thirtieth anniversary. The game has now all the new & improved features. When you play it on full screen, you will enjoy it. With time, it is with the best improvements and looks impressive on a full screen.

Easily play it on mobile phone or PC. The specialty of this 30th anniversary is the edition of the full-screen. There is no issue in downloading. Play store & the official site both are great ways of downloading. You can search Pacman doddle on your mobile and easily play it.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

Pacman 30th Anniversary Game

In the past, a user can only play it with the utilization of a joystick & keyboard’s arrows. With these controlling ways, the Pacman easily moves and collects all dots. If a ghost caught a player, he will kill him. Users also use these controlling ways for playing. However, you can also smoothly play on your cell phone.

How the Game Works

The work of the game is very interesting. It has four ghosts and all have different strategies to catch you. Each ghost is with its name and you will identify it through color.

Inky: It uses the strategies of every ghost. Thereby, it is a dangerous one. The Inky’s color is light blue.

Pinky: This ghost is in pink color and always follows Pacman. It is near the closest wall, so it easily takes the Pacman out.

Clyde: You may know about the “Pokey”. Pokey is the nickname of this ghost. The ghost leaves its box and moves to Pacman. He can change the direction immediately. If you play it, you have to give more focus to the left corner.

Blinky: This ghost is of red color. Its strategy is completely different. It enhances its speed when Pacman consumes numerous dots.

No player can find the ghost’s strategy immediately. All ghosts use different modes. With arrow keys, the Pacman easily moves around. In addition, the “Enter” key is for starting & pausing the game.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Cheats

Likewise numerous other video games, Pacman is also with some cheating codes. These codes are amazing to win. They are helpful in getting unlimited lives. With lives, the Pacman also eats ghosts. One ghost will eat on a starting board.

The 2nd board allows the eating of two ghosts and so on. You will easily get an infinite life by pressing up, down, and up. Besides, there is also a code to enhance the speed. Also, you can go to the next level by pressing Z+X. You can enjoy the new features with these cheat codes on your mobile phone & PC.

The Impact of Pac-Man

The anniversary also gives a unique impact on this video game. This classical game enhances its beauty on every anniversary. It also provides the best inspiration for other video games. So, the players can efficiently think during playing. The popularity of this game enhances daily. Even, teenagers also prefer to play it.

The Pacman urges other creators to focus on the game’s main character. Therefore, the designers learn a lot from the design of this game. Many fans have interest to do higher scores in the game.

Play Pacman 30th Anniversary in Google

Google doodle is famous everywhere. Everyone knows it and searches for different games there. Google added the new addition of Pacman. In this way, the playing becomes easier. You have to just open the Google browser and then write the name of this game in the search bar. After then, you will see the results. This game is also famous as “Google Pacman”.

Pacman 30th Anniversary in Google Doodle

After clicking, the game opens and you can start playing. At that time, the game’s level is of beginner type. But, Google shows this level to indicate hard-working of the doodle. You can open it easily on mobile chrome as well as on desktop. If you prefer a desktop for playing, you need to utilize arrow keys efficiently. As a result, you can control Pacman smoothly.


When was Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary?

The thirtieth anniversary is the biggest achievement. It was on May 2010. This game ranks higher on Google and people play it.

What anniversary is Pac-Man?

After the 30th anniversary, the Pacman celebrated its 40th Anniversary on May 22, 2020. Every anniversary, the game has new features.

What is the highest score on Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary?

“3,333,360 points are the highest score on Pacman. All fans of this video game try their best to make a new higher score.

What’s the highest score on Pac-Man Google?

The highest score on Pacman Google is also 3,333,360 points. This score was done by Mitchell from the USA in 1999.


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