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Rhonda Worthey | Rhonda Worthey Net Worth And History

If you love to watch football matches, you must know Troy Aikman. He is a fantastic player with great skills in playing matches. Many people do not know Troy Aikman’s wife. His wife’s name is Rhonda worthy. Here, you will know details of their marriage life, children, and divorce.

Who is Rhonda Worthey?

She was one of the outstanding publicists that worked for the Cowboys. During this work, she also met Troy and they started dating. Some sources claimed that she was a part of “The Real Housewives of Dallas”. But, when this show was telecasted, Rhonda was not in the cast.

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Rhonda’s Biography

The date of birth of Worthey is 2nd May. She was born in 1970. Rhonda Worthey age is 52 years. Her homeland is the USA. No information about her parents, or siblings is present on the internet. Even, the public does not know about her education.

Rhonda Worthey

Troy’s Biography

Troy Aikman age is 55 years old. He was born in 1966. So, now, you will know how old is troy Aikman. He is excellent at making new records. He also broke many other players’ records. Therefore, he became a football player champion.

Lorrie & Troy was in a relationship for a few years. They were in a relationship from 1989-1991. Thereby, people think that Lorrie Morgan troy Aikman wife. But it is not true. They were only in a relationship.

Rhonda’s rise to Fame

She is a public figure now. Before the 1990s, no one knew about her personality. At that time, she was not famous. But, when she started to date Troy in 1998, she gained the attention of media reporters. Her lovely relationship with him gave her much popularity.

Troy-Rhonda relationship

Most football lovers want to know about Troy Aikman wife. Fans want to know when and how they started in love. As we told you who is troy Aikman married to? Now, we will tell how they first met. Troy’s first job was to work as a Dallas Cowboy. At that time, he first met Rhonda. Both started to spend time together after the first meet-up. They enjoyed each other’s company and expressed liking.

After friendship, they started dating. They remained in this relationship for eighteen months. Then, they decided to get married. They married in 2000. Thus, Troy Aikman’s first wife is Rhonda. They enjoyed their big day and their marriage ceremony was in Troy’s home.

Troy-Rhonda’s Children

Their marriage was a happier life for both partners. Troy Aikman’s kids proved the good duration of togetherness of their parents. There are two Troy Aikman daughters. One is Alexa Marie Aikman and her nickname is Ally Aikman. And, another daughter is Jordan Ashley Aikman. Jordan was born in 2001. And, after one year, Ally was born in 2002. There is a fake rumor about Troy Aikman daughter surgery. No news confirms it. Both of his daughters are physically fit.

Their Marriage Ended: Divorce

They looked happy couple, but after eleven years of their marriage, they got divorce. Every couple has to bear some challenges during marriage life. But, this couple did not bear such challenges. Thus, they took a decision of taking divorce. The public knew about their decision on 25th January 2011. But, they officially divorced on 21st April 2011.  

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After their divorce, Troy gave a statement publicly. He said that it was a tough duration. This separation is not easy for us. But, we will always give preference to our kids. Aikman never wanted to publicly announce the legal proceedings. But, TMZ claimed that all the divorce proceedings were completed in April 2011. After these legal proceedings, they divided the assets. Then, Worthey purchased the house for 1.5 million dollars in Dallas. Now, she lives there. Moreover, both parents get equal custody of their kids.

Is Troy Aikman still Married?

After his divorce from his first wife, he was ready to marry in 2017. His second wife is Catherine Mooty. She is an excellent fashion retailer. Both of them announced their engagement and wedding plan on Instagram. They shared their happy news with their followers. Before married to Rhonda, Troy has also relationships with Sandra & Lorrie.

Mother of three Daughters

Besides the two daughters of Troy, Rhonda has also one more daughter. That daughter was from her past relationship. No one knows the identity of that person. The daughter’s name is Rachel Martin. She was born in 1991. Troy & Rhonda’s daughters also treat Rachel as their sister. They spend a wonderful time together.

Troy-Rhonda’s Life after their Separation

Worthily did not marry or dating to any one after divorce. Still today Rhonda Worthey is single and only takes care of her daughters. In the past, she was arrested. Her case was a violation of public well-being. Later, her lawyer gave a statement on behalf of her.

Troy-Rhonda’s Life after their Separation

After the divorce, Troy started to date Tracy Ripsin. They were friends since 2014. Tracy is a good model. But, their relationship did not work well. Then, he proposed to Catherine Mooty and they engaged in July 2017. At the end of 2017, they both get married.

Troy Aikman on being Gay Rumor

There are numerous rumors about is Troy Aikman gay. This rumor was more common before his marriage. But, after marriage, when he has two daughters, this rumor was proved wrong. So now, no one talk about it.

Rhonda Worthey net worth & Social Accounts

Her net worth is 10 million dollars. Her income source is good to live the best life with her children. Rhonda Worthey’s Instagram is not available. She does not use Instagram. She wants to keep her life private.

Troy Aikman’s net worth & Social accounts

Troy’s net worth is 65 million dollars. His income salary is 17 million dollars. Unlike Worthey, Troy uses Instagram. Troy Aikman’s Instagram account is @troyaikman. His total followers are 368k. He posts some personal images also. So, his fans will know much about him. Besides, his Twitter account is also @TroyAikman. He shares good tweets there.

Troy Aikman’s net worth & Social accounts

Troy’s net worth is 65 million dollars. His income salary is 17 million dollars. Unlike Worthey, Troy uses Instagram. Troy Aikman’s Instagram account is @troyaikman. His total followers are 368k. He posts some personal images also. So, his fans will know much about him. Besides, his Twitter account is also @TroyAikman. He shares good tweets there.

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