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Best Italian Restaurants in Chicago

One of the reasons for the popularity of Chicago is the presence of amazing and numerous Italian restaurants. The majority of the people love to eat Italian food especially when they go to Chicago for visiting. Here, you will know about the best Italian restaurants in Chicago 2022. Some of them are great for eating pasta, and spaghetti but you can also eat pizza from some places. So, you can amazingly plan your vacations.

Authentic Italian restaurants Chicago

Now, we will explain all the popular restaurants in Chicago that provide an exceptionally good taste of dishes. All dishes are unique and contain excellent flavors. Following are some outstanding restaurants.


If you are a pasta lover and want to eat the best pasta in Chicago, go to Monteverde restaurant. It is famous for making traditional and also a new modern way of making pasta recipes. The “Cacio e Pepe” is a great pasta dish that you should eat. It is excellent location for a date with a lovely couple. Further, you can go with your friends or family and enjoy your favorite pasta dish.

Ciccio Mio

The Gilt spot is excellent for providing great quality foods. Its same team also manages Cicco Mio, so they can give satisfactory feelings of eating to their customers. The menu is with different kinds of dishes. The tastiest dish is lasagne which contains chicken parmesan on its top.


Some people prefer to go to a casual restaurant to enjoy their dinner or lunch. Segnatore is one of the popular casual restaurants. All dishes are with modern creativities. The combination of pasta with chicken parmesan is delicious food. Their meatballs have Scamorza that provides a juicy taste. No one will feel the issue of burning after eating it. All the ingredients included in the lasagna are tastier & healthy. You will feel the experience of good vibes.

Alla Vita

Just like the best Italian restaurants in downtown Chicago, Alla Vita is famous in the west loop of Chicago. There are professional chefs in this place. The hiring of such chefs ensures to make delicious dishes. This restaurant also serves tastier pizzas. Such pizzas are with delicious tomato sauces. The staff is cooperative and supportive of their customers. The location has a beautiful decoration of hanging plants. It is an excellent place for all couples to a larger group of people.


Testaccio is a small but too amazing place for everyone. This place got more fame during a pandemic. It is a new Italian restaurant Chicago. Its menu is not too large but all dishes are tastier. The Roman Style pizza & cacao e Pepe pasta are the most favorable dishes. If you like to eat sweet food items, Burrata is a great choice. It has the flavor of tomato jam. Persons who want to go to a lovely place for a romantic dinner night should choose this Testaccio restaurant.

Riccardo Trattoria

Many times, people need to know that specific restaurant which is famous for some special occasion’s dinners. Riccardo Trattoria is a great place if you are planning to celebrate your special day with your loved ones. The specialty is that they use olive oil in their dishes. The olive oil gives a more amazing taste.

RPM Italian

The tourists’ first choice is to go to RPM Italian. This restaurant is famous everywhere. The majority of the people already know this place because of its popularity among all tourists. It is a unique place in River North. Eight friends can enjoy themselves at one time at one table in the restaurant. In addition to all the delicious foods, the staffs give the best services. They respect all customers. You can do a party here with your friends. It is in the list of the best Italian restaurants in Chicago Reddit

Enoteca Roma

There are numerous best Italian restaurants in Chicago suburbs. One of them is Enoteca Roma. It is not a large spot but enough beautiful to attract customers. All dishes are at reasonable prices. The handmade special dishes are too delicious. In summer, it is one of the coolest restaurants that have a very good environment.

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Mart Anthony’s

Anthony’s Italian restaurant is one of the exceptional spots for all flavors of pasta. The owner gives preference to welcoming every customer. When you will go for the first time, you will feel amazing that you want to go there every time. Whenever you feel hungry, go there and eat the best food. All Italian restaurants Chicago downtown are good options for everyone.

La Scarola

When you will ask a resident of Chicago about any classic Italian restaurant, they will give you the reference of La Scarola. All the tables contain white tablecloths that give the beautiful look of a classic restaurant. When you will visit this place, you will see older photographs of celebrities. It is a great place for any casual dinner or special event. Any time, you will go there, you will enjoy the amazing taste of food.

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