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3 Books To Understand the World We Live in Better

If you are looking for ways to understand the world around you a little better, then these three non-fiction books mentioned below will surely assist you to achieve this goal.

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre talks about the unethical practices used by pharmaceutical companies to generate profits. These practices not just mislead the doctors and the patients but are also fatal. Have you ever thought about how doctors recommend a particular medicine out of the many variants available? This opinion is hijacked by pharmaceutical reps. These reps are bribed to persuade the doctors to choose their company over other companies.

In order to make their medicines best sellers, these companies use all the money from research funds and put it on advertising and marketing the product. This book acts as a reality check for all the patients and doctors and it acts as a warning sign for all the pharmaceutical companies to indulge in these ill practices. The author offers a significant number of insights on all these malpractices and also jots down the ways to tackle them.

One such practice or method talked about in the books is refusing to publish medical experiments that provide unsolicited results. The author tries to make this point clear by stating an example. He states a study conducted in the year 2010 on an antidepressant called reboxetine by the world-renowned company Pfizer.

A group of expert researchers combined the list of all the tests conducted on this particular medication. All the seven trials conducted showed that reboxetine is nothing but a sugar pill. The patients who get cured are only due to the placebo effect created after consuming the medicine.

The Haves and the Have-Nots by Branko Milanovic

The Haves and the Have-Nots’ prime motive is to spread awareness among readers about the various. Types of inequalities that surround our society. Inequality or the state of not being treated equally arises due to the social. Economic, and political policies made by the people in power. Due to these disparities, only the people on the top get more than what they can hold while the other 90% of the population struggles to achieve what they deserve.

The author Branko Milanovic primarily talks about three types of inequalities in these books. The first one is the discrepancy faced by some individuals residing inside a single nation. Then there is inequality among different nations or countries, and the third one is discrepancy among all inhabitants of the Earth.

Whenever there is a debate about inequality, the comparison between capitalist economy and socialist economy pops up. Let’s understand why. The income distribution is directly related to the type of economy. If the country or nation works on a socialist model, the economy will face less inequality because of the equal income distribution. But this approach is considered negative because it produces gloating societies in which people are super satisfied.

Such models hamper innovation and economic development. On the other hand, if the country or nation is based on a capitalist model, the economy will face a serious level of inequality because of the unequal and erratic income distribution. This type of model is also discarded because it makes the people over-competitive, hostile, and greedy. Check out the book summaries and audiobooks summaries which are available on various book summaries websites to learn more about this topic.

In The Haves and the Have-Nots, the author Branko Milanovic states that in some cases mild inequality can be essential as well. He supports this point by giving an example. Mild Inequality encourages people to work hard and get ahead of their competitors. This in turn promotes the development and overall growth which is beneficial for the economy. Therefore, the author encourages both capitalist and socialist economies to adopt a mild inequality concept.

Us vs. Them by Ian Bremmer

Us vs. Them revolves around the idea of Globalism and its impacts. The drift of Us vs. Them is created when unhappy and unsatisfied people of the society question the policies and decisions of the government. This creates two sets of people: one who is satisfied with the workings of government and the other unsatisfied people who demand change. The populist politicians respond to this problem by making big promises to them.

If you are inquisitive to learn more about the Us vs Them model in detail, then you can read the book summaries and audiobook summaries available on this topic. You can find them on various books summaries websites.

The author also throws light on the idea of how globalism’s political, economic, and technological. Developments create a barrier between people and divide them. In developing countries, people are facing economic, environmental, technological, and political frustrations due to this model.

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