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Independence Day: Delhi Cops announced traffic Limitations around Red Fort

There will be grand celebrations of Independence Day at Delhi’s Red Fort. It will happen on 15th August and the rehearsal for these celebrations will be on 13th August. Therefore, there are imposing traffic restrictions on all vehicles. According to the news report, The timings for the restrictions are 10 pm to 11 am for the upcoming 3-days.


  • Traffic restrictions around Red Fort
  • Should know about a complete restriction list
  • A major step to ensure the security of the country

The latest update for 15th August

Delhi police want to ensure smooth traffic on roads on this day. Thereby, they gave an advisory on the traffic schedule. Accordingly, the roads near Red Fort will close on Independence Day for public use. The duration for closing roads will be 4 am- 10 am. At this time, the Prime Minister will give a speech to the public. Any authorized vehicle can use such roads.

Roads to avoid on Independence Day

In particular, eight roads will not open for public traffic. Such roads include Ring Roads, Chandni Chowk, and many others. The public will not move from Lothian, Esplanade roads also on 15th August. Delhi Police also gave the advisory of some other roads that will close for any commercial & transport vehicles. Such roads include Singhu, Jharoda, Noida, etc. No one will allow passing from Tikri Borders. Such an advisory will apply for Friday to Sunday.

Delhi Police Traffic Advisory 2022

Furthermore, buses will get permission for only some specific roads such as ISBT Bridge. With the use of this bridge, they can move to any place. All those buses that will move towards Red Fort, and Railway Stations will use the Ring Road. They will also allow moving from the new ISBT Bridge.

Any inner-sate bus will not get permission of using ISBT. The duration of this restriction will be on 13th August with the time of 12 am to 11 am. The same time is from 13th to 15th August also. DTC operates its buses that will not use Ring Road. The restrictions time is the same just like for the inner-state. The drivers should check the available routes before starting driving. So, their time will not waste. Otherwise, they may get stuck in traffic issues.

Delhi Metro to continue its working

Another police advisory is that the Delhi Metro will remain open for public transport. People can use it from going from one place to another. However, the metro will use its route and its route will not disturb the traffic much. But, public or personal vehicles will be restricted from such routes also.

Besides Metro, the railway station will also so continue its operation. All trains will work on all days. But, you have to choose some alternative roads to reach the railway station during these days. All bus terminals & hospitals will always be open to the public. But, you will not allow going to any place from the restricted roads. Many other alternative routes are great to reach any of such places. Everyone should follow the police advisory to maintain discipline in the city on Independence Day.

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