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Ex-President Donald Trump Takes the Fifth Amendment in NY Deposition

Former President Trump demanded one of the constitutional rights. Through this constitution, he has the right to self-incrimination. He deposited the Fifth Amendment in the office of New York Attorney General Tish James. During this procedure, he did not prefer a session of questions and answers on Wednesday.

Trump accused James for a longer time. In past, he claimed that James conducted a good political probe in his personal business. On Wednesday, he said that there is no other choice except to take this Amendment. He further said that James is a great investigator of Trump’s business because he is examining all the facts about the company’s financial documents.

Why does Donald Trump take the 5th Amendment?

This question is majorly important because we all know to want to know it. And, luckily, Trump gave this answer also. He said that it is necessary when a political factor targets your family, company, or your close ones. In addition, fake news & lawyers also support such politics, you have to do it.

Media and Police Officers

When the media knew about the Fifth Amendment of Trump, they followed him from his apartment. The former President reaches the Attorney’s office at 8:30 am. It is the time of Wednesday morning. Trump waves at everyone before the start of the deposition.

Trump Police Case

The police officers are everywhere in James’ office. The Trump reaches at 9 am in the office’s garage. Besides the garage, the officers are present on sidewalks & streets also.

Three-year investigation

The office is working for continuously three years on the investigation of the Trump Organization. After three years, now, Trump is coming forward to give his deposition on Wednesday. Trump made many efforts to stop this deposition. He agreed to come to the New York office for a deposition when the FBI raided his house. There is the blame for the mishandling of the business’s financial accounts on him.

Another blame on him is on the topic of crime. The office is also doing a criminal investigation. It is due to the fact that Trump continuously appeals for Fifth Amendment which shows that he wants to keep himself safe from the investigation.

Whenever the media asked him why he wants to take the Fifth Amendment, he never gave the answer. But, on Wednesday, in Attorney’s office, he gave this answer also.

Court ruled

The court ruled to give the deposition of Donald Trump. Both elder children will have to attend this deposition also. Both children did not demand Fifth in the meeting. There was a long discussion of the Fifth Amendment. The former president’s lawyer claims that James has not too much high authority to investigate two cases at a time. Oneq is a civil & the other is a criminal. Furthermore, the lawyer wanted to prove his point that the Fifth is not a good option for him. However, the Supreme Court did not agree.

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