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Kim Jong victory over Covid “says” North Korea

North Korea announced the victory to eradicate Covid-19. Kim Jong Un stated it on 11th August. According to his sister, Kim also faced severe symptoms of the coronavirus. North Korea blames South Korea for spreading this virus in their country.

Cases of Coronavirus patients in North Korea

There are not many sources of Covid-19 testing in North Korea. It is a reason that there is no data about the exact number of coronavirus patients. However, the health authority gathers all data on the registration of patients with the disease of fever. The total number of such patients is more than 4.77 million. But, now luckily, no such case reported since 29 July.

Speech of Kim & his sister

Kim gives his statement in his speech. It is on Wednesday. The purpose of his speech is to talk about the policies of COVID. In this meeting, there is an issue of gatherings where officials sit together without wearing masks. It is proved through the footage.

Kim’s sister also gives her speech on the health of his brother. She said that our young leader also faced the fever symptom of covid. It is the first time that the public knew about Kim’s health. She further said that Kim always thinks about the good health of her public even when he suffered from a high fever.

Many officials get emotional after hearing it. She does not want to say all of this but she does it to blame the propaganda of South Korea. The blame is that South Korea spread this virus. The death ratio of officials is 0.0016%. In particular, it is a miracle for all public. This ratio shows that coronavirus did not affect the country too much. Ri Chung Gil gives this information because he is the chief of the anti-covid department.

Leaflets campaigns

Many activists of the North side are also present on the South side. They floated balloons to the North side to ensure that there must develop the best bond between both sides of the country. Such balloons contain leaflets, food, medicines, etc.

But, the new government banned such sort of leaflet campaign. Kim criticizes the current president of the South and also calls them their enemy. Moreover, he said that we will finish South Korea if they will keep disturbing us. Now, we will never bear any rubbish activity from them.

Restrictions removed

Every analyst has different opinions. According to them, North Korea declared victory as the covid free country just because to start the trade again and then remove all the border restrictions. They also claim that the now North want to do the first nuclear weapons test that it tried for many years.

Yang Moo-jin is one of the amazing professors. He said that after seeing this meeting it looks like North Korea’s public is with the best quality of unity. Further, they want to tell the whole world including China that now there is no virus in their country. Thus, they can again start trading.

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