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Galaxy Z Flip 4: Samsung Revealed its New Model Design

Majority of the mobile phone users love the models of Samsung. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is ready to serve its services to the loyal customer of the brand. There are numerous rumors about this model but the event of 10 Aug eradicates such rumors. Samsung introduced this phone at the Unpacked Event. After this event, you can pre-order it and get it quickly.

Characteristics of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

The latest model of Galaxy is in small & foldable option. The powerful upgrades make it more worthy to use. Its main display is too strong that it will never easily break. Sometimes, we may commit the mistake of fall a mobile phone. Then, the mobile does not work properly. But, this phone is so strong that no such incident will make it damaged. Its slim design is amazing with curved edges.

Likewise, the Galaxy Z Flip 3, is also exceptional in characteristics. Even, this foldable model is with more improvements. The cover screen of 1.9 inches is good to easily carry in any small pocket. This measurement is when the phone is in a folded position. The good point is the display screen of 6.7 inches that is good to watch movies or play games.

The battery of 3700 mAh is larger. And, it means you can use the mobile phone for a long time after one time of fully charged. Furthermore, the charging speed is also fast even if you want wireless charging. It has a high resolution of 12 megapixels camera. Its sensor is excellent to deliver the best results when there is very dim light.

With all such qualities, it is a regular mobile that is foldable. The folding & unfolding is so easier without the need for too much attention. Its overall impression attracts the customers to buy it.

Colors of this Samsung model

The variety of colors ensures that everyone gets the phone with his/her favorite color. Every user has a different choice of mobile color. It is in gold, purple, blue, & some other options.

Colors of Galaxy Z Flip 4

Cost of Galaxy Z Flip 4

The costs of this mobile majorly depend on the memory storage space. But, the initial cost starts from 1000 dollars. It goes high with the increase in memory storage. This model Z Flip 4 with a memory of 128 GB has a price of one thousand dollars. However, the price of a mobile phone with a memory of 256 GB & 512 GB is 1100 dollars & 1220 dollars.

Pre-order deals

Samsung provided many deals before the Unpacked Event also. Many people did not take any deals and now they want more such good deals. It is their good luck that Samsung is again giving deals on the pre-booking of this model. Before buying, you have to know about the pre-booking deal. Thus, you will get many benefits.

Samsung gives the best offer of buying the phone at the price of 900 dollars instead of one thousand dollars. But, you have to directly purchase from the brand. In addition, the storage upgrade is without any additional cost. Besides, there is a discount on the buds-2 & Watch-5 or pro.

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